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In this age, when summers and winters tend to be more extreme than ever, it is vital that your HVAC system is as reliable as can be. It’s impossible to imagine how you can get through the winter or the summer without any cooling or heating equipment. Surely, it will end up in a lot of discomfort for you and your family. Aside from that, you may also end up risking your health by exposing your body to extreme temperatures.

There is no better way to cool or heat your home than with the help of the best HVAC systems. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems come in different types to cater to the varying needs of property owners. If you are looking for the best HVAC company in Lincoln Park, you have certainly come to the right place. Our company offers the best products and services, which will surely satisfy your needs and meet your expectations.

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It is very important that you take proper care of your air conditioning unit so that it can operate ina hassle-free manner for

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Baseboard heaters are one of the most ideal room heating solutions due to their limited space requirement and inconspicuous

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It is very important that you take proper care of your air conditioning unit so that it can operate in a hassle-free manner

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It is very important that you take proper care of your air conditioning unit so that it can operate in a hassle-free manner


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Lincoln Park Heating and cooling company

5 Tips To Choose The Best Heating Furnace Lincoln park

Getting a furnace is no minor decision and should be something to be thought hard about. If you are considering a furnace for your HVAC system, it is a must that you look into some of the important factors to help you come up with the right decision.

  1. Know the furnace size

The size of the furnace will help evaluate as to whether the furnace has the ability to heat your home. It is necessary that the furnace’s size is proportionate to the size of your home. Also make sure that you are not getting a furnace that is too big for your property as it may end up being more expensive to operate.

      2.Determine the fuel source

Furnaces use different fuel sources such as oil, electricity, and gas. Across the United States, the gas furnaces are the most common because of its efficiency. 

    3.Identify the features you want

Just like any other equipment, furnaces have varying features as well. When getting a furnace, make sure that it has your preferred features. Here at The Lincoln Park Heating and Cooling Company, we recommend getting furnaces which have two stages valves, sealed combustion and warranty.

     4.Get a quality air filter

The furnace is known to produce some unwanted particles into the air, such as dust and dirt. These small particles can be harmful and negatively affect the indoor air quality. If not addressed, it can lead to respiratory problems like allergic rhinitis and asthma. To keep this from happening secure a good quality air filter to keep the air clean.


Getting and installing does not happen overnight. It requires significant amount of time and work. So, if you are planning on getting a furnace make sure to do way before the winter, when you need it the most.


How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill Lincoln park

If you are using a heating system powered by electricity, you know that it can cause a significant increase in your electricity bill. But there are ways on how you can cut down costs even when using a heating system.

      1.Know the heating system and familiarize with the controls

Fully knowing your heating system will help you understand the best settings for it to work the most efficient way. Some of the things that you should know include how long it takes to warm and cool down. 

        2.Decrease the thermostat

You can try to adjust the thermostat by 1 degree and see how it will make a difference in your bill. Studies say that it can quite significantly cut down costs. At the same time, this adjustment in temperature can be negligible in terms of comfort.

       3.Do not dry the clothes on the radiator

Putting something on top of your radiator can reduce the heat that is being released. If it happens, the boiler will have to work more by consuming more energy to achieve the indicated temperature. Consumption of more energy means more fuel consumption.

        4.Keep the furniture far from the radiator

Furnitures like the sofa may serve as a heat insulator for the radiation. The sofa tends to absorb the heat, preventing the room from getting warm. The radiator then fails to reach the comfortable temperature.

      5.Use a chimney balloon

The use of a chimney balloon helps keep the warm air within the room. Since warm air rises by nature, it is likely for warm air to escape through chimneys and other openings. So keeping a chimney balloon on will certainly keep it from happening.

We can guarantee you that all these tips are surely worth a try in keeping your electricity bill low.

Heating and Cooling Company Lincoln Park

Top 5 Tips to Help Your Furnace Work Better Lincoln park

Making sure that your furnace is working efficiently will allow you to be able to maximize the full potential of it. Aside from that, efficiency also means more optimized performance at fair cost. With this, we enumerate below the top 5 tips that you can try to help your furnace work better.

  1. Use a programmable thermostat

This device is very handy since it allows you to preset your furnace temperature throughout the day. As long as you set it prior to use, there is no need for you to adjust it or turn it on or off manually. 

      2.Reverse the direction of the ceiling fan

Altering the movement of your ceiling fan will help retain warmer air on the ground. With the typical placement of the fan, the warm air naturally rises, which can be the reason for your place to cool. However, with the help of the reversed ceiling fan, the warm air will stay on the ground instead.

     3.Free up the space close to the vent

Avoid putting anything near the vent like furniture or curtain since it may hinder the furnace from gathering enough air needed. If such happens, the furnace may then end up malfunctioning. You can also help your furnace by making sure that the nearby areas are free from dirt and dust.

      4.Frequently change the filter

Over time, the furnace filter will accumulate dust and dirt and might result in clogged filter. Try to avoid having a clogged filter as it just puts more pressure on the machine, making it less efficient. You should replace your air filters monthly.

       5.Regular furnace inspection

Make sure to have your furnace checked at least once year. Doing this helps keep the furnace in the best working condition and ensures an efficient performance.


Lincoln Park Heating and cooling company

Tips For Getting The Best From Your Air Conditioner lincoln park

With anything that you do, it is human nature to make sure that you are getting the most out of it. Same goes with using an air conditioner. Since you are paying for your every use, you have to ensure that you are reaping the best from it. Below are important tips that you should consider when using your air conditioner.

  1. Programming the thermostat

Doing this, ensures that you are maximizing your air conditioner. If you have a newer model that allows you to program the thermostat, see to it that you do so. It keeps the energy consumption on an optimum level making your unit efficient.

    2.Opt for the windows

Since the night temperature can be more comfortable than that of the day, think about opening your windows instead of using the air conditioner. Aside from allowing your unit to rest, it also gives you an opportunity to let the indoor air circulate. At the same time, you get access to fresh air when sleeping.

       3.Seal the doors and the windows thoroughly

Check as to whether the doors and the windows are fully sealed and free from any crack. The presence of crack may allow warm air to enter indoors, that may affect the indoor temperature. Also ensure that the duct work does not have any leaks. Cracks and leaks, if unaddressed, may put pressure onto the unit.

      4.Schedule dryer and oven use

Avoid using the dryer and oven when the air conditioner is on. Since these appliances produce heat, it might just counter the cool air from the unit.

       5.Regularly clean the filter

Changing the filters monthly will help ensure the indoor air quality remains at an excellent level. It does the job of filtering out air impurities that are harmful for the body.


The heating and cooling systems uses tonnage to measure the size. The use of ton for heating and cooling systems is different from the ton used to measure weight. For the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, 1 ton is equivalent to 12,000 British Thermal Units or BTU/H. Here, BTU is used to measure the energy. For better understanding, 1 British Thermal Unit means that it can adjust the current temperature of a pound of water by altering the temperature by 1-degree Fahrenheit. The average size of household will likely need about 1 to 5 tons for the entire property.

There is no one size for all properties, as the needed size of HVAC system is dependent on the size of the property. It is ultimately essential that the HVAC system is proportionate to the household, not too small, not too large. Or else, the HVAC system use will be inefficient. To give you an idea, a home which is about 300 to 800 square feet is best with 1 ton of HVAC system. Never get a bigger HVAC system than what you need. Our company believes that it is truly uneconomical to buy something which you can’t fully maximize.

The best way to measure heating and cooling equipment efficiency is by using the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or S.E.E.R. This measuring tool helps identify the amount of cooling or heating that can be produced for each energy consumption. If you want to compute for the S.E.E.R, you can do so by getting the cooling capacity and the dividing it by the required watts of electricity. To explain better, an HVAC system that is 3 tons would typically have S.E.E.R within 13 to 17. Now, if you are looking for an efficient HVAC system make sure to look for something that has high energy per dollar proportion.

There are many ways that you can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. The most basic thing that you can do is to regularly change the filter of your HVAC system. It is ideal to change it every month. Meanwhile, some HVAC systems produce less dirt and can accommodate filter change up to 3 months. Clean air filters mean unclogged air passageways, ensuring less pressure on your HVAC system. Aside from that, it will also help to constantly keep the blower on for an even air distribution. You can consider getting shades, curtains, or drapes, for better insulation.

More capacity does not always mean better because it varies on each situation. For example, having at too big HVAC system is likely to consume more space. At the same time, it is very uneconomical to house an enormous HVAC system that is clearly more than what you need. You are sacrificing space which you could have used for other purpose instead. Also, getting oversized HVAC system is likely to be an expensive purchase, as well as it is likely to be more expensive to operate. An oversized HVAC system will run more cycles since it needs to reset often. 

The length of cycles for each HVAC system varies for each type, which means that the duration largely differs. The air conditioner, in a day with average temperature, should be running on an ideal cycle duration of about 15 to 20 minutes, repeating two to three times within an hour. At this rate, it can instantly eliminate heat in the room even when the prevailing temperature is at 110 degrees. However, when the temperature is hotter than usual, the cycle is likely to take longer than 20 minutes, which means that cycle repeats in an hour would decrease as well.

Your HVAC system is likely to use up more electricity when it is boosting up. At the same time, the system will probably produce less cooling or heating during this time. If you want the most economical system, The Lincoln Park Heating and Cooling Company suggests getting a smaller HVAC system. Although it will deliver less comfort, we can guarantee you that it will help you save more on energy. A system that runs nonstop will use less energy than a bigger system that turns on and off constantly. For the best help, make sure to contact your trusted HVAC contractor.

There is no specific temperature that your air conditioner should produce. The ideal temperature is dependent on the air that comes into the air conditioning unit. An air conditioner is supposed to be producing air which is 18 degrees to 20 degrees lower than the temperature of the air that entered it. If an 80° air entered the unit, the air that should come out from it must be about 60°- 62°. However, this circumstance is only applicable when the temperature is not too warm. During warmer days, the air conditioner might only be able to produce air that is 15°-17° cooler.

It all depends on your preference, on the current season, and the dominant temperature outdoors. On warm days, especially during the summer, a thermostat of about 78° to 80° is likely to be comfortable enough. However, you can adjust it during colder days, especially during the winter. The Lincoln Park Heating and Cooling Company also suggests to gradually adjust your thermostat when you are about to leave the house to avoid abruptly adjusting the thermostat. Making a gradual adjustment of thermostat keeps the unit from encountering shock due extreme and hasty change in temperature. is not good for your air conditioner.

Having a programmable thermostat is very efficient and convenient. A programmable thermostat lets owners to program the thermostat in their homes for the entire day. With programmable thermostat, there is no need to manually adjust the thermostat since you can program your desired temperature for every specific hour. This device is very handy especially for those who have a lot on their plate, who tend to forget to adjust the thermostats manually. Aside from that, it also ensures efficient energy throughout the day, even when you forget to adjust the thermostat. These come with different features depending on the model of the HVAC system.

The Lincoln Park Heating and Cooling Company recommends changing the filters at least every month to ensure the most efficient performance of your HVAC system. Meanwhile, if your system is using reusable filters, you should wash the filters at least once a month. Frequently changing you air filters ensures that the indoor air quality is clean. HVAC systems are prone to accumulating dirt, pet dander, dust, allergens, and virus on the filter. If you fail to take them out, it can cause respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies, and others. So make sure to regularly change or wash your filters

We advise to do the basic maintenance practices like regularly changing the filters. Although this task can be really simple and easy, most property owners forget to do it on a regular basis. Since it is crucial to keep your filters clean and unclogged, make sure to set timely reminders to remind you of when it is time for your filter change. Another thing that you can do to take care of your air conditioner is to keep the outdoor unit devoid of any debris nor plant. These elements, if too close, can affect the airflow of your air conditioner.

If you want to keep your air conditioner in its best state, it is ideal to conduct frequent air conditioner maintenance, at least once or twice a year. There are numerous benefits to doing constant maintenance such as that it ensures the unit’s best performance. If your air conditioner is undergoing regular checks, it helps you to early identify any possible issues that may lead to more significant problems. If you are looking for an air conditioner maintenance in Lincoln Park, call us 313-889-7311. We can guarantee you that our company can provide you with an excellent and efficient service.

It is best to check your HVAC system prior to calling in for service to make sure that your problem needs actual assistance. The Lincoln Park Heating and Cooling Company recommends checking first whether your HVAC is receiving power or is plugged in properly. We’ve encountered many situations wherein the only problem was with the lack of power. Another thing that you need to check is the disconnect and the breaker. Both of these should be turned on for your HVAC system to operate. Aside from that, you should also ensure that your thermostat is set correctly according to what you need.

The cost of HVAC systems widely varies. Although on average, the cost for replacing the system is somewhere around $25 to $60. The total amount would typically be more or less $7000 depending on different factors. Some of the things that you need to consider when planning to replace your HVAC system are the following: type of property, size of the property, and the type of HVAC system preferred. For us to help you calculate the cost, we will be needing to do an in-depth assessment of your current situation and the changes that you need in your HVAC system.

Generally, air conditioners are not good for the environment because of its carbon footprint. However, there are some ways that we can do to make the use of air conditioner safer towards the environment. New air conditioner models use new mechanisms that are much more eco-friendly. Most air conditioner companies nowadays are taking active steps in ensuring that their products are more efficient for lesser impact on the environment. Additionally, some things that you can do on your end is to make sure that your system do not go beyond 26°C, while maintaining a 7°C temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors

Yes, electronic air cleaners actually work. These are helpful in ensuring that the indoor air quality is free from harmful particles in the atmosphere, which can get into your system. For homes that are constantly using HVAC systems, it is also best to have an air cleaner working along with it. An electronic air cleaner helps remove things like dirt, dust, pet dander, allergens, and even virus. It is important to get rid of these since such particles may cause negative respiratory conditions. At the same time, the air purifier can neutralize these substances that may be lingering in your atmosphere.

Humidity varies through each season. Normally, when the cold air enters into the house with a heating system on, the air tends to turn dry once it warms. Once the air becomes dry, it will be irritant for the sinus, which often ends up as a bad condition for the respiratory system. Meanwhile, the opposite happens during the summer season. During hotter days, the humidity is likely to average at 40%, which is higher than average. Due to the high levels during summer, there is no requirement for humidifiers. The humidifier is responsible in producing moisture to alleviate the dryness.

Humidity varies through each season. Normally, when the cold air enters into the house with a heating system on, the air tends to turn dry once it warms. Once the air becomes dry, it will be irritant for the sinus, which often ends up as a bad condition for the respiratory system. Meanwhile, the opposite happens during the summer season. During hotter days, the humidity is likely to average at 40%, which is higher than average. Due to the high levels during summer, there is no requirement for humidifiers. The humidifier is responsible in producing moisture to alleviate the dryness.

Yes, it is normal. Although they are called heat pumps, these do not necessarily produce scorching hot air, but rather warm air. Heat pumps typically produce warm air that is around 80°.  It might sound cold to you, but this temperature is enough to warm the house. Anything that is beyond that can be too hot to bear, defeating the purpose of the heat pump to provide comfort. It is not just as hot compared to the body temperature, which may suggest that the air is just warm and not hot. For more information, you can call us at 313-889-7311.

The whooshing sound is completely normal for your HVAC system to produce. As a matter of fact, it is a good indication that the heating system is working perfectly. Meanwhile, the cool air does happen when a significant amount of frost gathers at the coil outdoors. Prior to producing heat, the unit will first melt the frost, causing the air to feel cold instead of warm. Before defrosting, the valve of the HVAC system shifts from heating mode to defrosting mode, and this phenomenon causes the whooshing sound. It is essential for the heat pump to defrost prior to heating the house.

There is a recommended proportion for the size of the air conditioning with regards to the house. We suggest consulting with an HVAC contractor when deciding on the size of the unit to guide you in making the best choice. It is very important to seek the help of professionals when choosing a size since this task can be challenging. For HVAC systems, it is crucial to get the proper size for the most efficient energy consumption. Otherwise it will lead to an unlikely scenario where the air conditioner can either be incapable of cooling the area or vice versa.

The size of your heating and air conditioning system largely depends on the area that you have. There is a rule that you are supposed to get a heating system which is 40% of the BTU, and a cooling system that is 15% over BTUs. These are the optimum sizes for your HVAC system. Anything that is over or under it may be inefficient for your need. The problem with oversized HVAC system is it will easily achieve the desired temperature and will cause the unit to frequently on and off. Undersized HVAC systems are likely incapable of reaching the intended temperature.

It depends on your need and your preference. There are different types of air conditioners available, and it includes portable air conditioners, window type air conditioner, central air conditioning, and ductless split systems. Heating systems also come in different types like air sourced central heat pump, geothermal heat pump, ductless split heat pump, boilers, and furnaces. To identify the best type of air conditioner for you, you need to consider the size of your house, the number of rooms, the insulation, and the window type. Getting the proper type of HVAC system will ensure the best acquisition cost and ultimate performance. 

You need to consider various factors to determine the best way to cool and heat your home. Different homes will require different type of heating and cooling system since each one is unique. The most important consideration when getting an HVAC system is the personal preference of the owner as it will determine the type and the budget for the project. For a complete assistance with regards to your home HVAC system, call The Lincoln Park Heating and Cooling Company at 313-889-7311, we can provide you with the best support and guidance with choosing the best HVAC system for your needs.

Heat pumps are available in three different power sources, which are electricity, oil, and gas. These three have different unique characteristics that sets them apart from one another. For example, if you are looking for an efficient HVAC system, we recommend an electric heat pump. On the other hand, if you want something that is reliable, affordable, and safe, then you might want to go for gas instead. With this, there is no need to worry about power outage. Meanwhile, if you want the fastest way to heat your home, then you can choose gas.  Any option you choose will surely be a good one.

The Lincoln Park Heating and Cooling Company offers numerous indoor air quality solutions such as High Efficiency Air Cleaners, The Air Scrubber Plus, Electronic Air Cleaners, MERV 8 Pleated Air Filters, Central Humidifiers, Central Dehumidifiers, HRV/ERV Ventilation Systems, and UV Air Treatment Systems. These solutions vary on how they purify the indoor air. Some of these uses moisture and others are using light. All of these indoor air purifiers will surely help you keep your indoor air purified and clean. For a more in-depth discussion on each of these types, you can call us at 313-889-7311. We have the best deals. 

We suggest checking air filters at least once a month. Frequent checking of air filters helps in early identifying whether these needs changing or replacement. It is crucial to ensure that the air filter is always clean to keep the unit’s maximum performance. Clogged air filter can affect the flow of air, which may require the system to put in extra effort. Aside from that, the main job of the air filter to purify the air is vital. Otherwise, the indoor air will be full of allergens like pet dander, dust, and dirt, which can adversely affect the respiratory system.

We suggest replacing the air filter every one to three months depending on the type of air filter you use. For disposable air filters, you should change once it accumulates enough to dirt. Meanwhile, if you are using reusable air filters, you should wash once it is dirty. Normally, these two air filters will need washing or replacing every month. Apart from these two, there are also premium grade air filters that require less frequent changing since they can last up to three months. We urge property owners to check more frequently during seasons when there are more than usual air pollutants.

We strongly recommend cleaning the air filters every month, particularly if your unit uses ordinary air filters. Harmful particles and air pollutants such as dirt, dust, pet fur, allergens, molds, and pollens are likely to accumulate and clog the air filter. It is very important to regularly change and clean your filter to maintain indoor air quality. Otherwise, you might end up sacrificing your health if you inhale huge volume of harmful substances lingering in your indoor atmosphere. Air filters play a crucial role in maintaining your family’s health, which means you should not neglect cleaning it every so often.

The location of your air filter depends on the type of system you are using. Air filters are normally located at the return air duct, which is close to the furnace unit. You can find the filter by stirring away the access door. Meanwhile, the air filter for older systems and models are usually in the air filter itself. On the other hand, the central filter grille can also be on the wall or the ceiling, which you can see by opening the grills. It is very crucial for you to know the location of your air filter so you can check it regularly.

Different systems have different number of air filters. Some systems have one, some have more than one. Aside from that, air filters do also come in different sizes. As a rule of thumb, HVAC systems that have both cooling and heating systems usually have two air filters. Knowing the location of the air filters allows you to access and clean it regularly. The air filter is a very important part of any HVAC system and should be checked and maintained habitually. If you are unfamiliar with your system, you can look it up on the manual or contact your HVAC contractor.

The ideal humidity level is around 35%. However, humidity level that falls anywhere between 30% and 40% are good enough. It is crucial to look out for the humidity levels during the winter season when the air is likely dry. Meanwhile, there is no need to worry about humidity levels during the summer, since humidity tends to be high at this time. The air during this season contains more moisture than the air during the cold season. For a clearer comparison, a 68-degree air can carry ten times more moisture than a 32-degree air. Low humidity level is conducive environment for mites.

Always keep your home at 30% to 40% of humidity level. Keeping the humidity at this level helps in making sure that the indoor air quality is ideal for breathing. Humidity is helpful in keeping the air void of allergens, dust, dirt, and even molds. Nobody wants to keep these harmful particles in the air since these can cause allergy, asthma, and other adverse conditions for the respiratory system. On top of that, lack of humidity can result to dry skin, dry throat, and dry nose. Also, too low humidity can damage appliances like DVD players, VCRs, computers, and others.

We recommend setting the humidistat at around 35% during the early days of the winter season. Observe as to whether this humidistat level is enough for you. If you think that the indoor air still feels drier than you like, we suggest that you adjust it after 2 days by adding another 5%. After which, we recommend that you observe again for the next two days. If you feel satisfied, you can retain the same level. Otherwise, you can also adjust it again. You can also identify the ideal humidistat level depending on the current outdoor temperature you are experiencing. 

Same with low humidity, having too much humidity is bad as well. Setting the humidity level over the recommendation may result to condensation on the windows. If such happens, it may eventually lead to the formation of molds in your household, which is not an ideal situation. The presence of mold can induce allergy, asthma, and other bad respiratory conditions. If you have household members with such pre-existing health conditions like these, keep your humidity at ideal levels at all times. Aside from that, high humidity level may also result in stuffy odor, structure damage, and formation of wet stains.

Yes, the humidity in your house should matter. In case that the humidity level in your house is too low or too high, it might lead to some unwanted results, such as the presence of static electricity, dry skin, and even dry hair. Meanwhile, still in connection with too low humidity, it will foster a good living environment for viruses and germs. Both of which can cause illnesses. Too much humidity, on the other hand, causes molds with moldy scent, and growth of the bug population indoors. Lastly, high humidity may affect the body in its ability to cool itself.

The humidifier assists in increasing the humidity in the indoor atmosphere. At the same time, it also keeps your skin and hair from drying out. Since the humidifier produces moisture, it does also moisturize the skin and the lips. The humidifier is the best solution in equaling the results of dry air during the cold season. Aside from moisturizing the lips and the skin, the humidifier can also help keep the throat healthy. Often, low humidity can make the throat feel dry and scratchy. But with the humidifiers on, it can keep your throat moisturized. The humidifiers provide numerous surprising benefits for the health.

The variable-speed furnace refers to the blower motor which is within the furnace. The variable-speed refers to an electronically calculated motor, also known as ECM. This machine works by using the magnet rotor together with a built-in inverter. For those who are unfamiliar, the ECM is a DC motor that works better and more efficient as compared to the AC motor. Aside from that, the ECM is also low maintenance and uses energy efficiently, helping reduce the operating costs. However, the ECM can be more expensive during the initial purchase compared to other types. For further inquiries, call 313-889-7311.

A two-stage furnace functions by working together. There are instances when the weather tends to be extremely low, making the first stage furnace insufficient in heating the entire home. In case it happens, the second stage of the furnace can step in to help achieve the chosen temperature. The two-stage furnace is also best option if you want an even and fair warm air distribution within your homes. It can guarantee that the indoor temperature will remain stable throughout the day. Aside from that, this equipment is extremely useful in ensuring that the air fluctuations remain at a low level.

The air conditioner primarily works by drawing in hot air from the indoors, which it releases outside. After that, the air conditioning will replace the hot air with a cooler air to lower the temperature. It has the capacity to change the temperature and humidity level in a given area. On the other hand, the central air conditioning system, also works the same by pulling out the warm air. The system then cools the air, and it puts it back into the room. The split system, meanwhile, uses an outdoor unit in condensing the refrigerant. Upon reaching the wanted temperature, the cool air is put back into the room.

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